AwesomenessTV’s Side Effects’ 3rd Season Gets Movie Treatment On E!

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Do you like the fantastic musical drama Side Effects as a YouTube series? Well, you’re probably gonna love it as a 90-minute movie on the E! television channel. Yup, Side Effects is becoming a TV special. On April 17, E! will broadcast the show put out through AwesomenessTV as a feature-length piece that includes new content. The special will effectively be the 3rd season of the series about a girl who is prescribed medication with side effects that include “musical hallucinations.”

Don’t have the E! channel? Don’t sweat it — on April 18, the gorgeously shot series gets a Digital HD release through Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, iTunes, MGO, Vudu, and Xbox.

“Great content works on any platform and at any length. Side Effects was the first time we experimented with long form content on YouTube and it was a huge success. Now viewers can choose to watch it as a movie on E!, download it or watch the third season on AwesomenessTV,” said Brian Robbins, CEO and Founder AwesomenessTV. “In this on-demand universe, we want to engage our audience wherever they are.”

The series stars Chester See, Meg DeLacy, Lulu Antariksa, Cade Canon Ball, Finn Roberts and Keli Price, as well as YouTuber stars Grace Helbig, GloZell, Lia Marie Johnson, Arden Rose and Meghan Rienks.


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You don’t HAVE to, but you probably want to watch the first two seasons if you haven’t already. Fortunately, we’ve embedded Episode 1 for you in this article to start you on your path.

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