Bashurverse, BabyLegs, KeemStar Sexual Misconduct YouTube Controversy: What Went Wrong?


Here’s what Ashley said:

  • She was 17 at the time
  • Bashur was 28
  • Ashley met him at Minecon
  • Bashur said “Uh, yes you are. I get turned on every time I see you, you’re sexy as hell.” in reference to Snapchat photos Ashley had sent to all her followers
  • He added “How could you not know I thought you were sexy as hell. I wasn’t shy about it, haha”
  • In another chat, he asked “Why is a sexy girl like you so sad, baby?”
  • Ashley states she thinks there may be more girls who have had advances made on them

And True WindWaker:

Here’s her account of things:

  • She tweeted earlier that Bashur had told her he was 21, in order to “hook up with her” even though he was aware she was underage.
  • She sent him a snapchat while wearing a tank top, he screenshotted the photo and asked for “more please!”
  • He then followed her on Twitter, and direct messaged her “I’m not going to lie, it turned me on like crazy!”
  • He asked her for her Skype name, and in the conversations he began to heavily flirt with her.
  • She attempted to steer the conversation to more PG subject matter, despite Bashur’s statements
  • She was 16 at the time.
  • When she asked Bashur for his age, he stated 21.
  • She does not have copies of her skype messages, she deleted her logs, but attempted to get the messages back, but they were lost.

And finally, from YouTuber TheZombiUnicorn:

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 2.08.01 PM

Of the girls who made claims, Bashurverse said: “I don’t know, I guess I made advances towards her (Ashley) that were uncalled for, and I feel like crap for that,” during a later interview with Keemstar. Allegedly, both girls who made accusations have publicly forgiven him. But that brings us to Babylegs.