Bashurverse, BabyLegs, KeemStar Sexual Misconduct YouTube Controversy: What Went Wrong?

Initially, Clara “BabyLegs” started out as a fan of the Bashurverse channel, but eventually that fan/star relationship blossomed into a physical one and they lived together for a period, supporting one another (emotionally, if not financially).  Supposedly, she was 17 when the relationship started, but there have been conflicting reports on both sides about her age at the time she moved in with Bashurverse.

Along the way, Clara BabyLegs started her own gaming channel, piggybacking off of his fans, and is now a popular YouTuber with 109,000 followers and a side gig on BAHMLounge, a prank/skit pop culture channel that she and Bashurverse were initially both to be a part of. According to BabyLegs, she decided to end the relationship when she found out about the other girls Bashurverse had been fraternizing with. She also found out she was allowed to stay on the BAHMLounge channel (if she so desired) while Bashurverse was let go. It was a decision that did not sit well with fans of Bashurverse, who claimed that she had used Bashurverse to built her own platform to fame and then dumped him when things got rough.

Bashurverse then went on Keemstar’s DramaAlert show to give an interview and set things straight with his biggest detractor:

Here’s a breakdown of what was said:

  • Bashur confirmed that his past was discovered via a background check
  • Keemstar confirmed the victim was 15 at the time, Bashur was 18 going on 19.
  • Bashurverse didn’t know how everyone thought the victim was 13, refutes claims he raped the victim two times and was arrested in front of victim’s parents
  • Keemstar admitted he feeling bad that he thought Bashurverse was a “pathological liar”
  • Bashurverse admits to being sexually aggressive with underaged women
  • Bashurverse reached out to his other victims and apologized
  • Bashur claims he’s not addicted to teenage (underage) girls
  • Bashurverse explained his past led to his removal from BAHMLounge and Clara BabyLegs breaking up with him
  • Keemstar accused BabyLegs of being a golddigger
  • Keemstar will no longer push for Bashurverse to lose his channel
  • Bashurverse is seeking professional (mental) help, starting a new channel documenting his progression in life
  • Bashurverse wants haters and harassers to “Just stop”

Keemstar made no bones about how the allegations looked for both Bashurverse and BabyLegs, calling them both out respectively for their separate decisions.

It was a claim BabyLegs then refuted on her own channel:

Here’s a breakdown of what she said:

  • Clara Babylegs wanted to clear the air and stop the golddigger allegations
  • Clara took care of Bashur through the lean times
  • Bashurverse attempted suicide multiple times, she stopped him
  • Clara tried her best to take care of him
  • Bashurverse started confessing in the car on the way home to his mom in Kentucky, Clara did not verify what he was confessing to, but implied it had to do with other potential allegations
  • Clara no longer felt safe with Bashur
  • BAHMLounge offered her a place to stay
  • Clara: ”I know we would have broken up either way — we had so many fights.”
  • Bashur had approached other women right when Clara and Bashur were dating
  • Clara: “I wish this could have stayed between us.”

The resulting videos set off a flame war between Bashurverse and BabyLegs on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.34.19 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 2.23.32 PM

So where are we now? BabyLegs is still with BAHMLounge:

Bashurverse has started a new channel with a new outlook:

And Keemstar has moved on to the next scandal:

Winners? Losers? Who knows. A bunch of YouTubers rolled themselves in controversy and Keemstar got a bunch of views for it. You can decide for yourselves where the victims and the bad guys are in all of this.

Good luck.