Best Brand Videos On YouTube: 7 Creators Who Got it Right



Brand videos sometimes get a bad rap on YouTube. For some fans, the idea of a creator using their skills and creativity to promote a product is just plain boring. After all, commercials are the part of television shows that you skip, why would you want to watch one on purpose? The truth is that branded videos often give creators the opportunity to try newer and bigger things, and for many, branded videos are a chance to flex their creative muscles and do something unique. To counteract this misconception, check out this list of 7 creators who really know how to make awesome branded content.

Toby Turner

When you hire Toby Turner to make you an ad, you can be sure you’ll get the full Toby experience. Spicy Beef Nacho Hot Pockets may no longer be with us, but this branded video from Toby deserves to live on forever. Toby finds himself trapped in a Hot Pockets commercial and at the mercy of its slightly manic narrator. It’s classic Toby with a side of brand promotion and it still gets a laugh.

Rooster Teeth

Rooster Teeth’s content is already steeped in the culture and community of gaming, so creating a branded video for a Halo 3 promotion wasn’t much of a stretch for their creative skills. Rooster Teeth excels at creating fun and funny content to promote their partner brands or integrate specific products.

Jacks Gap

Jack Harries of Jacksgap was already heavily featuring Skype in some of his unsponsored videos, and that creative use of the product is what initially prompted the company to reach out for a potential partnership. It’s not surprising that this existing synergy between a creator and a brand would lead to a great final product. Jack’s “Following Heart” documentary series is a beautiful example of what smart brand content can be.

Devin Supertramp

Devin Supertramp’s ongoing partnership with GoPro is one of the things that turned the camera brand into a YouTube powerhouse, and his subsequent brand team-ups have been equally successful. A recent team up with Speed Stick produced this epic urban zipline adventure.

Zach King

Zach King’s VFZ wizardry has made him a star on YouTube and Vine, so it’s no surprise that he was on the short list of creators that Ubisoft turned to for branded content to celebrate the release of Far Cry 3. King’s branded videos tend to contain some of the best visual effects and action editing to be found anywhere outside a Hollywood blockbuster, and in this case they’re the perfect complement for a popular adventure game.

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan has been doing beauty videos for as long as we can remember. So, naturally, you’d think sponsorships for her videos would be the next natural progression, and sure enough it was. In 2010, the beauty guru struck a deal with Lancome that would be remembered for ages by both business insiders and fans alike.

Meghan Tonjes

Meghan Tonjes has yet to do anything on YouTube that we don’t kind of love, and her sponsored videos for Birchbox are no exception. Meghan is no stranger to telling it like it is, so we know she wouldn’t endorse a product if she wasn’t really a fan. Her unboxings are always honest, funny, and thorough, and her reviews give fans all the info they need to make an informed decision.

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