Best Snapchat Channels to Follow: 6 Snappers That Will Make You Happy!

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To most people over the age of 18, Snapchat is the shadow empire. You know that it’s popular, you know that it has lots of nudity and you know that it gets hacked a lot. But did you know that there is a whole world of creators not working in the study of nudie cuties? Yup, surprisingly the world of ephemeral imagery has numerous storytellers, artists and popular creators who have massive followings.

Here are six of the best:

6. Shonduras

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The so-called first Snapchat celebrity. He makes big money by creating branded art on his Snapchats from the likes of Taco Bell.

5. Casey Neistat

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Casey came up in the YouTube world before starting his own HBO show. Now he’s a star on SnapChat. If you want to see what’s trendy next, keep a watch on him.

4. ChrisCarm

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The third tier in the trifecta SnapChat bromance between Shaun “Shonduras” McBride and Jerome Jarre, these three frequently pop into each others pics and stories.

3. Miologie

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Christine Mi has some of the funniest pop culture contributions to Snapchat. She also kicks ass as an artist.