Best YouTube Branded Videos of All Time: 20 Campaigns That Made You Forget They Were Ads


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Commercials involving YouTubers come and go. Lots of YouTubers even have their own brand deals to create in-house advertising. But with NMR’s Money Issue upon us, we thought we’d tear through the advertising on YouTube and off-YouTube that involved our favorite creators. Turns out there is a lot to choose from … but here are 20 of our absolute favorite brand deals of YouTube. See which ones you remember, loved or straight up had no idea it was a brand deal in the first place:

20. Wonderful Pistachios (Randall)

This company gets a lot of kudos for their employment of YouTube memes including Keyboard Cat and Randall — the world’s foremost Honey Badger expert.

19. Old Navy –Unlimited — (Miranda Sings, others)

Is anyone from AwesomenessTV not in this commercial for Old Navy?

18. Hot Pockets (Destorm & Snoop)

A natural pairing and an excellent parody song. Snoop was cool to get in on this and Destorm was a natural partner for the rap game. Also, Andy Milonakis.

17. Axe Hair Gel (KassemG)

KassemG is just one of many YouTubers blessed with awesome hair. Axe should have gone after all of them, but this was an excellent start.