Best YouTube Branded Videos of All Time: 20 Campaigns That Made You Forget They Were Ads

16. AT&T (Wong Fu, Jen Chae)

Almost 4 million people have tuned in to watch this pairing between Wong Fu Productions, Jen Chae and AT&T. That’s a win.

15. Buick (Kurt Hugo Schneider)

Recruiting Kurt Hugo Schneider to make a commercial involving their Regal sedan was probably the smartest move Buick ever pulled. Well, that and a bunch of other innovations probably, but then, we’re biased.

14. Carl’s Jr. (Epic Meal Time)

Did you freak out when you saw Harley Morenstein ripping into a burger on actual television while promoting bacon via Carl’s Jr? We did.

13. NordicTrack (Nive Nulls, others)

This fantastic commercial put a bunch of YouTubers in the room with a bunch of NordicTracks and let them do their thing. Hell, we’re still thinking about getting a bunch of NordicTracks for the office.