Best YouTube Branded Videos of All Time: 20 Campaigns That Made You Forget They Were Ads

12. Hulu (Wassabi Productions)

Wassabi Productions has terrible taste in friends but excellent taste in who they partner with for funny songs. In this case, Hulu.

11. Netflix (Buzzfeed Yellow)

Sure they re-invented spam marketing, but Buzzfeed also puts out some of the funniest and most informative content around. You might say that their channel is sort of the Netflix of the internet … oh wait …

10. Activision: Call of Duty (iJustine, FPS Russia)

How could you not buy Call of Duty after watching this commercial featuring a couple of the best YouTubers? “Surprise horse lady …”

9. TruthOrange (Grace Helbig, Anna Akana, others)

TruthOrange became the coolest PSA when they teamed up with several YouTubers for an awesome rap about the dangers of smoking on your social life.

8. McDonald’s/Coca Cola (MysteryGuitarMan, Rhett & Link)

Rhett & Link honed their craft making small-town commercials on IFC. So when the big dogs stepped in and asked them to knock one out of the park with MysteryGuitarMan, they were more than ready.