Best YouTube Branded Videos of All Time: 20 Campaigns That Made You Forget They Were Ads

7. Ubisoft (Smosh)

Smosh has teamed up with Ubisoft to promote games a few times, so clearly it’s a winning combination for the video game company and the gamer/prankster/all-around-zany-duo. And considering they made our list, it achieved the goal of being recognized.

6. KIA (Rooster Teeth)

There’s nothing like real speed to get the blood pumping, and the stomach churning. Forewarning to those who dare, they made the boys play a game while riding in a car going 110 miles per hour, while pumping them full of milk and cheese puffs. The results? Hilarity.

5. Taco Bell (Phil DeFranco, Shane Dawson, others)

Taco Bell seemed like the coolest company in fast food when they stumbled upon the idea for using YouTubers to sell tacos. I know we ate more tacos when we saw how good the major YouTubers made ‘em look.