Best YouTube Branded Videos of All Time: 20 Campaigns That Made You Forget They Were Ads

4. Discovery Channel (Phil DeFranco)

Recruiting Philip DeFranco (so popular with brands) to host Shark Week, the Discovery Channel linked two properties together permanently as they later bought the Rev3 empire from the YouTube star. How big a partnering was it? We’re still talking about it today.

3. Maybelline (SMLx0, StyleHaul)

Many cosmetics companies do it now, but Maybelline had the foresight to get in bed with YouTube early and recruit several of the biggest stars to be brand ambassadors — essentially the stars got free proddy and would thus recommend it to their viewers. It was like a pyramid scheme for the digital set.

3. Lootcrate (Matthew Santoro, others)

Lootcrate is the brand master in terms of collaborations. Everyone on YouTube seems to have a Lootcrate unboxing video and everything from Lootcrate seems pretty amazing/badass. Hard to argue with that logic.

2. GoPro (DevinSuperTramp)

If it wasn’t for one simple company with one simple trick, this would be the top association with YouTube in terms of brands. Have you ever seen two companies fit together better than the video company that lets you take amazing personal videos and the other company that easily lets you upload said videos and make millions?

1. DFTBA (Hank & John Green)

How could this not be the number one spot? These two YouTubers have built a brand empire by involving their fellow YouTubers. Setting up a music studio, they were able to record and release music tracks, they sell merchandise and they just partnered their Subbable service with Patreon. They definitely haven’t forgotten to be awesome.

Amazing list, right? Well, it didn’t quite make the cut, but here is a small town favorite:

Honorable Mention: David’s Pizza

Hopefully this guy got a ton of extra business from his association with YouTube.

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