Blogilates Star Cassey Ho Pens Fantastic Guide To Wellness With Hot Body Year Round


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You might not think that a 6’4” 300-pound, Harley-riding, cigar-chomping ex-bouncer like me would be interested in a book about embracing their health. You’d be wrong. Cassey Ho has spent a lifetime building up the skills that lead to her writing Hot Body Year Round, her new book of pop pilates and good living skills for every season. And that makes me want to tune in and find out what the YouTube star has to say. In fact, considering my lifestyle, I need this book more than most. Good thing I’ve already got a copy.

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Joining the ever-expanding list of YouTubers who author, Cassey Ho, she of the #1 exercise channel on YouTube Blogilates, has offered us something that sets her apart from the pack: it’s a book about us. While most YouTubers pour their sad/crazy stories onto the pages of books (or get a ghostwriter to do it for them), Cassey has created a guide for health and wellness to shape how we’re feeling.

As it turns out, a diet can shape a mood. So can exercise and the amount of water you get. I mean, I kind of knew that, but seeing some smart logic put in front of me, I find myself turning pages and going, “Hey yeah! That makes perfect sense.”

The important thing is, it isn’t just a health guide. It’s a motivational tool to embrace who you are, what you are and what you can become. With an integral part of this book focusing on stopping you fat shaming yourself, Cassey has created a large, easy to read pictorial guide to making you love you. Don’t get me wrong — you’ve got to put some work in here. The book isn’t full of smart eating recipes and workouts tailored to every season in a year for nothing. Of course love yourself as you are — but don’t stop there! You know you will love yourself more if you can actually sit comfortably in an airline seat, or wear clothes that are stylish instead of just what some designer “thinks a fat person would like.” Too many times have I left a store wearing a shirt reading “Big Dog” or “More of Me To Love” because that was my option.

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This isn’t some vow to change my life around because Cassey sent me a book — that would just set me up for failure. Instead, I am going to keep this book on my nightstand and check in with it. Her big, beautiful smiling face is right on the cover, so it will be easy to pick up. And I am gonna check in with it to see what small changes I can make. Drink water right when I wake up in the morning? I guess I can do that. Maybe I can rock out a few crunches the next time I’m on a frozen lake in front of a scenic glacial range too.

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I’ve never owned an exercise book. Technically, I still don’t because Cassey Ho’s Hot Body Year Round is so much more than that. It’s a guide to being the best person I can be healthwise. And I can still keep my motorcycle!

Be sure to pick up a copy now by pre-ordering it on Amazon (maybe pair it with “The Dead Janitors Club” by yours truly to get the free shipping) or pick it up presumably anywhere that still has books on April 7. And as always, supplement the book knowledge by tuning in to Cassey’s Blogilates channel on YouTube.


And share this with everyone you know who wants to feel better about life. (Hint: That should be everyone you know!)

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