Buzzr Revives Beat The Clock With Elliot Morgan


Remember Beat The Clock? You probably don’t because you are not VERY OLD. Lucky for you the classic game show is getting an internet face lift courtesy of Buzzr. Elliot Morgan will host an updated version of the show featuring some of your favorite web stars competing in fast paced challenges with humiliating but hilarious results. The first episode features internet darling Trisha Hershberger going up against the gang from Wisecrack.



Beat The Clock first hit the air in the 1950’s with a successful run on CBS and enjoyed an equally beloved reboot in the early 70’s on ABC. It’s a game that’s basically ready made for the internet generation, with tons of fast and highly embarrassing challenges that have the audience and the players in stitches even as they’re trying to literally beat the clock. With Elliot in the hosting hot spot, we’re confident it’ll make a perfect addition to Buzzr’s growing roster of modern classic game shows.

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