Cassey Ho Photoshops ‘The Perfect Body’ To Silence The Trolls

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Even someone like Cassey Ho, who is beautiful (HINT: you are all beautiful as well, no matter what!) gets haters. The trolls climb in with the nice comments to make cruel commentary on all parts of her body, knowing that they live in anonymity. And no matter who you are, mean comments hurt.

So Cassey, who runs the Blogilates YouTube channel, decided to make a video for the trolls, showing just how ridiculous the notion of a “perfect body” is. Using the magic of airbrushing like she was a picture in a magazine, Cassey chops the skin from her stomach and “love handles,” enhances her breasts, changes her eyes and the shape of her head, and so on …

The point it: there is no perfection. Everybody has something they feel can be better, so we are constantly chasing an unrealistic standard instead of learning to love ourselves.

I think the sooner we can accept what we are and be okay with what we are not, the sooner we will be able to progress as a society and not let the trolls have any power.

Thanks for the fantastic reminder with this emotionally powerful video, Cassey!

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