CDS Signs Pitchfork Music, Expands Into Canada

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CDS has been busy as, well, beavers lately (to borrow use of Canada’s national animal … or is that the moose?). Expanding into the Great White North, the MCN who just recently signed Glozell is evidently looking to become a global player. Or at least relevant with America’s Hat.



Opening a Toronto office, the MCN has named Jordan Bortolotti, who most recently served as Blue Ant Media’s Director of Digital Solutions, Executive Vice President, Canada. It was allegedly that or “2nd Chief Hoser, Eh?”.

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Additionally, CDS has acquired the hipper-than-thou indie music magazine Pitchfork to its MCN. The company which lords over all that is independent and good in music has come to YouTube and found itself wanting a quality MCN to help with promotion and access to a broad cross-section of fans.

“CDS was born out of music and we are thrilled to add Pitchfork to our network to extend our reach in the independent music space,” said Dana Shayegan, Vice President of Music at CDS. “Pitchfork is popular across a wide range of music genres and we look forward to boosting their reach and connecting brands more closely with their loyal audience.”

So a lot is going on with the MCN who just became a whole lot cooler.

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