Cecily Strong White House Correspondents Dinner Monologue Drops Truth Bombs

Every year that White House Correspondents dinner gives us a few highly quotable jokes. The annual event, hosted by the White House Press Corps, is attended by super stars and political elites alike. Comedians usually bring their A-games and even the President himself cracks a few jokes.

This year, when SNL star Cecily Strong took over the podium as the event’s celebrity host, everyone was expecting to laugh, but weren’t expecting quite so much bluntness. Strong absolutely killed it, but in between the expected jokes about the President’s rapidly graying hairline and Fox News’ rapidly graying viewership, Strong dropped some serious truth bombs. Its one thing to poke fun at disgraced journalist Brian Williams or disgraceful journalist Don Lemon — it’s another matter to deliver some real talk about the wage gap, institutional racism, and police violence with the President sitting less than ten feet away. If this video isn’t trending all week then we’re doing something wrong.