College Humor, Big Breakfast Get Late Night MTV Series Middle of The Night Show


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Big Breakfast is the brain factory (brainchild? idea factory? ideachild?) behind College Humor Originals — you know, those wacky witty videos that routinely go viral … like this one:

Now they’re gearing up to become MTV stars. No, they aren’t 16 and/or pregnant (that we know of). Instead, they’ve just set up a series called Middle of the Night Show.

Announced during MTV’s UpFronts this year (the television industry’s annual symposium to work out ad rates and whatnot), The Middle of the Night Show is set to blow the f**king doors off late night television in a good way. Because let’s face it: stale monologues and standard interviews are tired.

As College Humor’s crew tells it: “Middle of the Night Show is a fast-paced reimagining of the late-night comedy talk show that brings it out of the studio and onto the streets of New York City. Each night the show’s crew and live band crash the bedroom of an unsuspecting celebrity who is forced to host a talk show on the spot without any preparation and on very little sleep. CollegeHumor’s Brian Murphy serves as the celebrity’s co-host and guide throughout the evening.”

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Good by me. I better work on becoming a celeb so a bunch of dudes can hang out in my room and film me slumbering. I mean other dudes besides the creepy dudes who currently do that. It’s so I can earn money for college. And yes, I slumber. Delicately.

The show, which hopefully debuts later this year, is the first network series order Big Breakfast has had since setting up shop in Los Angeles, so big congratulations to them! And be sure to save some of that television-money bought cocaine for us, fellas!

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