‘Crazy Cat Lady’ Claims She Doesn’t Eat Cats In YouTube Video

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Lucienne Touboul is apparently well known in the Phoenix, AZ area as a lady who eats “cat stew.” Today, she’s fighting that rumor and using YouTube to do it.

Touboul, who has seen over 200 cats seized from her home by police in the last eight years, really, really likes cats. And when they die at her house, she sticks them in the freezer. Not to eat, as has been previously claimed, but to keep frozen until such a time that someone can help the 85-year-old woman bury them.

She says, in a YouTube video posted with the help of a friend, that it has all been a big mistake. She loves cats, just not in a food sort of way.

What hasn’t been a mistake is that police raided her property back in February after she went to the hospital. There they removed dozens of malnourished and sickly felines that the woman had been hoarding. She’s been hit with over 100 charges of animal abuse from that February raid and it was then that officers reportedly claim she told them she made the objects of her addiction into “cat stew.”

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Now apparently, a neighbor is suggesting that her thick French accent is to blame. Of course, not a lot of things sound like “I make cat soup out of their frozen, dead carcasses,” but we at NMR are willing to give Touboul the benefit of the doubt. We’re also going to make sure she doesn’t go anywhere near our pets.

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