Danny’s Choice YouTube Series’ Creators Talk Comedy On A Budget

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Doug & Alyssa Keeling are on a spirited and bold YouTube adventure right now. They’ve got the motivation and idea down, but that third piece is tricky: can they make people pay attention? As it turns out, the third part is typically the hardest. Creating a whimsical ode to the shitty, homespun PSAs of the ‘90s, Doug and Alyssa have manufactured Danny’s Choice into … something. What that something ends up being, I don’t actually know yet. But the series is simple enough: Danny, a towheaded innocent (played by Doug) always gets compelled to make a choice between right and wrong — fantastically, he always chooses the wrong path.

Their budding series has the spirit of my favorite show on the internet: Next Time on Lonny. So I am eager to give them lip service because, hopefully, they will continue to do what they’re doing and refining it, and I want to see this series in all its glory. I want to see what it is capable of. Right now, the brother/sister creative team is sticking to their guns though about the creative tempo of the show though. As the meme says, “It’s a bold move, Cotton, let’s see if it pays off.”

I asked a few questions of the creative team behind Danny’s Choice — the answers are more smartass than I could have hoped for. Good. I like smartasses better than dumbasses any day. But will the viewers respond? Because in the end, that’s mostly what matters.

How did you come up with Danny’s Choice in the first place?

My sister and I have always done comedy. As far as coming up with Danny’s Choice, one night my sister and I were sitting around talking about how ridiculous we thought those 90’s PSA’s were that we had to watch in elementary school. So we thought we’d make our own with a twist. The main character would be an emotionally vulnerable 5th grader in the body of a 19-year-old, and have “friends” that are actual 5th graders. From there, we came up with some basic plots and rolled with it.

Why set it in the ’90s as opposed to modern times? Doesn’t doing a period piece make it that much harder for a show on a limited budget?

Well Jeff, everything was better in the 90’s. It’s a common fact. Believe it or not, Danny’s Choice was actually shot on top-of-the-line equipment with professionally recorded audio, then Alyssa downgraded it in editing to match the crappy television quality of the 90’s.

If someone told you that shortening the intro song would make the show more accessible to viewers, would you believe them?

We love the idea of making people sit through a painfully long yet visually and audibly delightful intro sequence. Is this a personal request to make it longer? We’ll think about it.

Did you have a background in YouTube before starting Danny’s Choice or is this your first channel?

No we’ve each had our own channels in the past, but this is the only one dedicated to an ongoing project.

What do you see as the progression of the Danny’s Choice channel? Do you plan on escalating it with regards towards Danny’s repercussions? Or does he always (spoiler alert!) wind up in The Fuzz’ jail cell?

There will be six Danny’s Choice episodes in total. Each one unique and escalating in its intensity. Prepare your mind, body, and spirit. Things are about to get real, Jeff.


Well, there you have it. I know I’m excited. While waiting for the next episodes to drop, check out the Danny’s Choice website to have Danny answer your questions about life. I’m sure he won’t steer you wrong.

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