David Duchovny’s Aquarius TV Show Is Headed Online

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Like shows about Charles Manson that star David Duchovny? I bet you’d like them even more if they were ONLINE. NBC Entertainment, the brainchild behind this show set in the ‘60s and starring David Duchovny, is going to take innovation a step further — they’re going to dump the entire series online after the pilot airs on May 28.

Taking cues from Netflix, NBC will post all 13 episodes of Aquarius on various social media sites to allow for binge watching — the preferred method of televised imbibing for Millennials. It will likely be an experiment that sets the pace for much of how things are viewed going forward, so everybody tune in!

(photo credit: whodidstupidlosangeles.com)

(photo credit: whodidstupidlosangeles.com)

The show, which features Duchovny as a police detective tracking the Manson Family, looks amazing and well worth a massive all-night drug-fueled watching sesh.

I can’t go back to watching shows for an hour once a week!

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