Dennis Quaid Freakout: Is This Video Of A Movie Star Meltdown Real or Fake? UPDATED

Dennis Quaid doesn’t exactly have a reputation for massive freakouts — he leaves things like that to the Christian Bales and Alec Baldwins of the world. That’s why the internet is clutching its collective pearls in shock at this video, which apparently shows Quaid losing his mind on set. The usually sedate Quaid curses out the director and members of the crew, calling them pussies, zombies, and our new favorite insult, “dopey the dick” before storming off of the set of whatever he was filming. Naturally this out of character video has everyone talking, but is it real?

The internet is divided over whether or not to take the video at face value. This is Hollywood, so stunts and pranks aren’t exactly unheard of, after all. Could Quaid simply be trying to gin up interest in his latest project by starting rumors that he’s a terror on set? It’s not craziest idea in the world and it’s certainly worked well for Lindsay Lohan’s latest projects. Let’s consider the evidence.

It’s Real!

– There’s no reason to suspect that Dennis Quaid has any trouble putting audiences in their seats, nor has there been any real press surrounding what it is he was filming. If it was a stunt, then the film’s press team would probably be a bit more alert.

– It wouldn’t be the first time a star with a nice guy reputation has been caught acting like a total monster behind the scenes. Just ask Mel Gibson, if you can find him; his career is so far down the toilet he may never see the light of day again.


It’s Fake

-Dennis Quaid is an actor, a kind of human pretender who makes us think he is having emotions in exchange for money. In fact, he’s an actor at the top of his field who could totally pull off a fake freakout if he needed to.

– There’s something a little stagey about the way he delivers his insults. He feels more like an improviser looking for his next line than a person who’s genuinely at the end of his rope.


Ultimately the jury is still out. Either Dennis Quaid is pulling our legs with a fun and quirky outburst of terrifying unchecked rage or he’s just having a really bad day on set and Dopey the Dick™ pushed him over the edge. Personally I subscribe to the more likely theory that Dennis has some how accidentally pulled a Freaky Friday style body swap with his notably more bonkers brother Randy Quaid. Someone should probably call Jamie Lee Curtis and see if she still has any of those magic fortune cookies.


Updated 4/15/15 – We’ve got to hand it to the team at Funny Or Die, they really know their way around a celebrity video prank. As we suspected this Quaid freakout turned out to be a fake. They not only managed to convince a naive nation that the dad from The Parent Trap was a raving maniac, they also managed to frame late-night viral prank master Jimmy Kimmel for it! Kimmel was forced to plead not guilty on his show last night and Funny Or Die is taking a well deserved victory lap. You can check out the video below.

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