Dude Perfect Best Trick Shots Video Has Bonus Announcement: New Dude Perfect Game

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 10.58.15 AM

In what might be the perfect synergy between bros and basketball, Dude Perfect are back at it, with their most legendary shots ever in this brand new video.

Hitting baskets that include one fired from the world’s largest slingshot, Dude Perfect have elevated their game (literally) to the next level. And it’s pretty damn fun to watch. In terms of camaraderie and activity involved, Dude Perfect is easily the most fun YouTube channel.

If we were just telling you about the new vid, this article itself would be good. But wait, there’s MORE!

Dude Perfect also used their Ultimate Trick Shot video to break news of their new iPhone game. While it isn’t out yet, you can get some glimpses of the majesty that will be occupying all your hours for the next few months.

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