Ellen Degeneres Vessel Move May Usher In The Future


Ellen Degeneres is already the undisputed queen of daytime TV, and she’s been making a serious dent in YouTube as well. Clips from The Ellen Degeneres Show are routinely among the site’s most viewed. Not only is Ellen a success on YouTube, she’s also a fan. The daytime comedienne is a connoisseur of viral videos, and she’ll be bringing that passion for cute animals and silly babies to Vessel, the emerging subscription video platform that’s offering early access to videos from over 160 familiar online creators. Degeneres will now be sharing her favorite clips exclusively on Vessel as part of a new deal. The lovable daytime star is a major edition to Vessel’s growing stable of high powered creators.

The platform, which was formally rolled out to the public late last month, is viewed by many as a potential YouTube competitor. Vessel offers creators much higher payouts by mixing ad revenue with money raised from subscriptions. The promise of more cash for their views has lured more than a few major YouTube names to the platform, but fans have been hesitant to get on board with the idea of paying for content they used to get for free. However if you’re looking to check out the platform, then now might be the perfect time.

In celebration of Ellen joining the crew, Vessel is offering a free one year membership to anyone who enrolls within the next 48 hours through www.vessel.com/ellen. It’s a great opportunity to get familiar with the platform and see what kind of exclusive content is being offered there by some of your favorite web stars.

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