Facebook Beats YouTube In The Video Advertising Game

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Video advertising has become the lightning rod by which social media companies are being measured for relevance now, and Facebook’s pole is going to have more strikes than YouTube’s. This news comes courtesy of Geekwire and their savvy reporter Blair Hanley Frank, who reported today that in a survey conducted by Mixpo, more video-based advertisers are looking to spend their coins on Facebook, not YouTube.

The move is a surprising one in that Facebook has only recently adopted a video standard while YouTube has been the leader in online video since its inception. Both video platforms have been ramping up their tech releases lately, likely anticipating that this war for dollars would be a hot one.

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(image credit: Geekwire)


By Mixpo’s count (per Geekwire): “87 percent of survey respondents plan to run a video advertising campaign on Facebook, compared to 81.5 percent of respondents who plan to run a campaign on YouTube.”

Whether this is a temporary shift, a false positive or an actual changing of the video vanguard has yet to be determined. But for the time being, when it comes to video advertising online, we have to call it advantage: Facebook.

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