Fight Of The Living Dead: It’s YouTubers Vs. Zombies In Tony Valenzuela’s Latest Live Action Video Game


Imagine a pack of your favorite YouTube stars packed into an abandoned jail and forced to fight for their lives against a zombie outbreak. Is your mind about to be blown? Well then stop imagining, because Tony E. Valenzuela of Black Box TV has done all the imagining for you. His latest series “Fight Of The Living Dead” is a live action video game set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Popular creators like Joey Graceffa, Jesse and Jeana of PrankvsPrank, iJustine, Alphacat, Meghan Camarena and Olga Kay were blindfolded and deposited in the middle of a disused prison. The only wrinkle is that they weren’t alone. The YouTubers were joined by a cast of nearly 200 extras, many of them dressed as hyper-realistic zombies hungry for YouTube flesh.



Valenzuela’s latest project is expansive, spread over six different channels and with interconnected videos revealing pieces of everyone’s story. The story features footage from over sixty different cameras, including GoPros mounted on each of the contestants to capture their first-hand experiences. The players have to navigate not just zombies but non-player characters as well. Some may be allies but others are not to be trusted.

The film feels like a perfect hybrid of competition reality shows like The Amazing Race (a show that should be familiar to former contestants Meghan Camarena and Joey Graceffa) and zombie horror video games. All the players were competing in real time, using their wits and the arsenal of skills they’ve developed over their years as internet stars to escape that zombie horde alive. You’ll have to watch the full series to see who made it, but at least one contestant didn’t stand a chance. Sam Pepper,  whose career was engulfed in scandal last fall, was originally slated to be a part of the series; but it was an editor’s clicks, not a a zombie’s teeth, that took the troubled creator down. Filmmakers wisely chose not to include Pepper’s footage given the revelations about his off-camera activities.

The whole series was produced by ConTV and will live on the Black Box TV YouTube channel with individual contestant focused episodes spread out across the various participants and sponsors home channels. Viewers will have the ability navigate within the network of videos by choosing which character’s perspective they wish to follow.

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