Flula Borg YouTube Channel banned in Germany


Flula Borg is by far the most popular German YouTuber in the United States, and in fact he’s got an upcoming TV show to prove it. That’s why we were shocked to learn that far from being a national hero back home, Flula’s channel is actually blocked in his native Germany. Why would German officials move to block their most popular native son? Apparently it all comes down to seriousness.

Given the key roll Germany has played in the European Union in recent years the German parliament, the Bundestag, thought it prudent to pass stringent seriousness laws. All German citizens are required to behave in a stoic, dignified and serious manner in public to avoid creating the appearance that Germans were reveling in their good economic fortunes.


“Behind the scenes it’s a non-stop good time here in Deutschland, but we can’t have people running around in public partying like it’s 1999,” said government spokesman Steffen Seibert. “It looks bad when Greece and Italy come around asking to borrow a few billion Euros. At least that’s what Angela always says.”

The Angela he’s referring to is German Chancellor Angela Merkel who pushed the seriousness law through the German parliament. She’s no stranger to the controversy surrounding Flula and his boisterous YouTube Channel. She issued this statement on the subject at a press conference last fall.

“Seriousness is an important part of the German lifestyle. We can’t all run around the world making silly songs and making challenge videos. Some of us have to stay here and run the country! SOME PEOPLE should understand that. Maybe SOME PEOPLE shouldn’t just take off without calling. Would it kill him to reply to ONE TEXT?!”  The remarks were regarded by many as oddly personal for the usually taciturn Chancellor. Our NMR investigative team decided to dig into the rumored Flula-Merkel connection and what they found was shocking.


After months of combing the deep web our researchers uncovered fragments of a series of videos from a YouTuber going by the name “DJ Merks.” The videos appear to show a young Angela Merkel, an aspiring YouTuber at the time, making video responses to some of Flula’s older material. One even contains a picture of the two together, clearly taken an early YouTube gathering.

Is Angela Merkel a jilted Flula stan? Could Germany’s new ban on unserious content be part of her personal vendetta? It certainly seems very likely and also definitely 100% true.
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