Free Streaming Music Might Soon Be Illegal, Even For YouTube

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The music industry has entered panic mode once again. Remember when they freaked out over Napster? Well, now they’re freaking out some more. And this time it’s Pandora, Spotify, YouTube and all others who stream music for free that have the record labels’ ire.

Recording label heads like Jimmy Iovine, who is most known for his work in signing Eminem, are reportedly furious about your ability to listen to music for free — even that annoying commercial every five songs doesn’t cut it. And so the business model might switch to ALL subscription ALL the time.

Of course, fans aren’t pleased.

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And if free digital music goes away, does this mean that it’s the record labels’ intent that everyone go back to listening to music on traditional radio? Or are they more keen on complete and utter piracy? It will be interesting to see if this is truly the last gasp of free streaming music or actually the last gasp of the traditional record label.

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