Game of Thrones Iron Throne Toilet! “Super-Fan Builds” Season 2 Begins

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 3.39.29 PM

Game of Thrones needs all the publicity it can get. And since the 2nd season of Super-Fan Builds from kicked off right in line with Season 5 of the hit HBO series, what better way to herald the arrival of both shows than with a toilet? Specifically a gorgeous Iron Throne throne …

I bet Tywin Lannister wished he had died on a commode of this magnificence! And no, that’s not a spoiler alert. You had damn near a year to watch last season’s finale. Why should the rest of us be punished because you suck at keeping up with pop culture?

At least do yourself a favor and catch up with “Super-Fan Builds,” the show where lucky fans get dream pop culture creations made by talented builders. Last season we documented their Groot Tree House. They also built a Batmobile stroller, a Bioshock Fish Tank and a Hobbit Hole Bag End kitty litter box. Let me point out they did not build my Grumpy Cat cocktail bar, though. Still waiting. Fortunately, now with a season two, it’s like my dreams can soar again.

Also be sure to check out the gang’s other series Man At Arms on the Awe Me channel.

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