Grace Helbig Show Premiere: Shots With Mamrie Hart and Bringing YouTube To Late Night


The Grace Helbig Show FINALLY premiered last Friday on E! and it’s pretty much everything we hoped for and more. Grace has found a way to take the best parts of YouTube — the silliness, the one-on-one intimacy, and the authentically chill approach to comedy — and import it to television. There’s no desk, no couch, and definitely no suit and tie. Just as we were promised in previews, this show feels more like an awesome late night slumber party than an old-school late night talk show. Instead of welcoming her guests to a set in front of a live studio audience, she welcomes them into her home, or at least a home, like old friends.

Of course it helps that Grace’s first guest actually is an old friend. Mamrie Hart dropped by for the inaugural episode of The Grace Helbig Show. Bringing on her internet bestie in her first episode is a big nod to Grace’s existing army of online fans and it gave both ladies a chance to shine. It’s easy to see why Grace and Mamrie have been working together for so long — their chemistry brings out the best in both of these internet comedy queens. If this show has room for a cohost then Mamrie has my vote.

In true YouTube fashion, the ladies cozied up with a good old-fashioned challenge. This time it was a game called “Deal.” Grace and Mamrie took turns watching funny fail videos and whoever “couldn’t deal” without laughing… had to take a shot, because aside from Mamrie the other key ingredient to a successful Grace Helbig bit is lots of booze. Something tells me we’ll be seeing this challenge making the rounds on YouTube over the next few weeks.

Overall Grace’s first episode was a homerun. When making the jump to TV many YouTubers have made the mistake of abandoning the things that have worked for them online in favor of imitating what we usually see on television. Helbig has totally avoided that pitfall. The show’s intimate set up let’s her be the awkward, goofy, brilliant Grace that the internet has come to love, just on a larger scale.


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