When is the World’s Fair Coming To The US? Grass Roots Campaign Aims To Bring the Event to Los Angeles!


It’s hard to oversell the importance of the World’s Fair. Originally conceived as a trade expo, the event has come to represent a benchmark in human progress. Nations come together to display their latest achievements in technology, industry, and culture, as well as to imagine a brighter future together. World-altering technology like the telephone, IMAX movies, and touch screens have all debuted to the public at the World’s Fair. Now a group of ambitious citizens wants to bring the Fair to Los Angeles to give the city a chance to shine in the global spotlight.


The United States hasn’t played host to a World’s Fair since 1984 and it’s high time that changed. An IndieGoGo campaign launched on Monday aims to change that by raising $100,000 to support the city’s bid to win the fair. The group’s founders describe themselves as “superhero agents of change with seriously impressive track records” as well as “action-oriented visionaries who know LAWF will position L.A. as a future-focused city that all Angelenos can take pride in.” It’s a bold vision for the future of a city that’s already a cultural melting pot and the home to America’s globe-spanning media and entertainment industry.

The group behind the push for the L.A. Worlds Fair bid already has a plan in place for the infrastructure that would be required to host a global event. A video shows the location of the planned fair Pavillion and gives viewers a sense of the scale of the project.

Check out the IndieGoGo campaign HERE and consider making a contribution to the future of this amazing city.


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