Grindr Fail: Legislator Randy Boehning Sponsors Anti-Gay Bill, Sends D*ck Pics

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There’s an “anti-gay” politician who was just exposed for sending d**k pics on Grindr, an all-gay social hookup site. Naturally, the industry wags are already calling it “Grindr-gate.”

The Republican Legislator in question, Randy Boehning, made some headlines when he was one of several House members who voted against a gay rights bill. And then Dustin Smith, a young homosexual in North Dakota, Boehning’s representative state, noticed that he’d seen the Legislator before … in d**k pic format.

(photo credit: Washington Post)

Randy Boehning (photo credit: Washington Post)

Smith and Boehning had conversated before, on Grindr, where the elected official had sent out salacious messages along with a pic of his “dirty bits” — his Boehner, if you will.

Smith quickly informed the Washington Post of this interesting bit of trivia and now we have Grindr-gate. Unlike previous “…gates” though, this one has audiences sharply divided. Some think Boehning is a soulless hypocrite, others think Smith was in the wrong for outing someone before their time (an increasingly unforgivable offense in modern America).

But the fact remains a now-admittedly gay politician voted against a bill that offered what should be basic human rights to homosexuals. He defends his actions by stating that as an elected official he had to vote for his people — and staunchly conservative North Dakota would have wanted him to oppose this.

And as for the d**k pics, Boehning says, basically: Hey! It’s Grindr! That’s what gay dudes do.

Dustin Smith  (photo credit: Washington Post)

Dustin Smith
(photo credit: Washington Post)

He’s f**king right about that. Hard to fault a guy for showing off his crank when that’s the code of the road.

What do you think though? Who’s the bad guy here? Or is there one?

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