Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat Is Now A Twitter Bot: Which House Are You In?

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Look, I don’t care what the magic Sorting Hat from the world of Harry Potter says about you in this fun new Twitter bot @SortingBot, you’re definitely a Hufflepuff. Me? I’m Slytherin, without question.

This interactive bot, which utilizes iambic tetrameter rhyme scheme much like the hat in the J.K. Rowling books did, strings together phrases in order to place you into one of the four houses of Hogwarts. While it isn’t able to research your tweets to make an accurate determination of your character and it doesn’t always get certain phrases correct, it’s still pretty fun to get sorted.

The bot, which was designed by Darius Kazemi, is apparently random by designation. As he told The Next Web: “It was important to me to make the actual house assignment random, because I think beautiful interactions happen when people encounter the random – it’s impossible to ‘game’ a purely random draw, and I think that adding chaos and serendipity into people’s lives is a worthwhile goal.”

So there you go … that’s why you are a Hufflepuff. The bot might not have sorted your character, but I have. Definitely no Gryffindor for you.

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