Hillary Clinton 2016 Announces Presidential Bid On YouTube, Facebook, Twitter

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Some of us see Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she is running for President as an exciting opportunity for gender equality in America, some see it as an interesting foil to Joe Biden in the primaries. I see it as a great chance for a “Hot For Hillary 2.0” from Taryn Southern:

Clinton, who announced her candidacy for President recently, chose to embrace the social media aspect with releases on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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Barack Obama was considered the first “social media President,” and apparently Hillary aims to continue that trend.

Of course, it could probably be speculated that President’s can no longer forgo social media as a campaign strategy. A necessary tool of the millennials, the older generations have been adopting it with regularity. Now it’s clearly pretty indispensable. Of course, if she really wants us to believe she’s one of us, she needs at least one cat video on her YouTube page.

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