How Much Do YouTubers Make? What These 22 Creators ACTUALLY Earn! (It’s Much More Than You Think)


Calculating how much a YouTube creator makes annually is no simple feat. There’s a lot of guesswork (believe me, we’ve done it before), but so far, sites like SocialBlade have only been able to provide a large range in what they think some of your favorite personalities earn.

Here at New Media Rockstars, we combined our insight into the industry with our knowledge of insiders to estimate the CPMs and average brand intergrations per year, along with any additional income from outside sources such as merchandise and large deals for books or television shows. In the end, these are all just estimations, but they’re the closest we’ve been able to get in a long time.

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22. HolaSoyGerman: $1 Million

Yet another Spanish gaming channel has made it on the list. German doesn’t just stick to Minecraft though, and often vlogs on his channel as well. People are drawn to his personality and sense of humor, which has proven to be the main driver of his success. However, because Hola’s channel is so unique, we’ve estimated that he may sit at a slightly lower CPM, despite his high subscriber count.

21. Barelypolitical: $1.4 Million

You could probably consider Barely Political YouTube’s variety show. While most of the skits lie in comedy, politics and societal issues sometimes enter the mix, which keeps the channel true to its name.

20. Skydoesminecraft: $1.7 Million

As we’ve mentioned multiple times above, there’s something to cornering a niche market. In this case, Sky has two, both Minecraft and gaming. These two things limit the number of brand deals Sky can acquire, but the number of views he gets more than make up for it.

19. Nigahiga: $2.9 Million

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Ryan Higa has made himself a small empire, creating HigaTV, all while still pranking the hell out of people. It’s easy to connect with the creator through his relatable style and comedic panache. All of this drives those ever important views that make up the bulk of the creator’s income. However, in Higa’s case, he only seems to be taking income from his CPMs, as he doesn’t strike as many brand deals as other creators, or try to work on television or book deals.

18. Epic Meal Time: $3.1 Million

Let’s put aside the fact that Harley Morenstein outed all major YouTubers as millionaires (something, by the way, they should be very proud of), and focus on the success that is Epic Meal Time. From striking the deal that made them into a television success, EMT made unhealthy food into a phenomenon like no one has ever seen or been able to recreate.

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