How Much Do YouTubers Make? What These 22 Creators ACTUALLY Earn! (It’s Much More Than You Think)

12. Zoe Sugg: $5.7 Million

Ahh, Zoella. Where to begin with what makes her so popular? This adorable pixie who is in the early stages of a multimedia lifestyle empire is not only British, but in dealing with her anxiety issues on-camera, she’s also accessible. Put her in a wonderful relationship with another popular YouTuber and she’s become one half of a fan forum YouTube superteam. Her recent rise to the top with her book has pushed her into the millions.

11. StampyLonghead: $6 Million

An early adopter of oddball gamer names, StampyLongHead is one more example of how profitable a gaming channel is. Of course, what sets Stampy apart isn’t that he is British (so many popular gamers are), it’s that he is pleasant in his game play and doesn’t effect a “bad boy mentality” to his gaming. He’s a family friendly gamer, so feel free to let your grandma watch. Except, he’s so popular, she probably aready does.

10. JackSepticEye: $6.8 Million

Is it the name? Is it the voice? There’s something off about JackSepticEye, which makes him incredibly memorable and incredibly addicting. Combine the hyper and unique personality of Jack with his proclivity towards awesome gaming videos and you’ve got a 4 million+ subscriber recipe for profitability with incredibly low overhead.

9. The Fine Bros: $6.8 Million

Fine Bros
The Fine Bros are the first on our list to have a full-on TV series deal that netted them a hefty sum. On top of that, they recently launched their React channel, which has only added to how much they make on a yearly basis.

8. MarkilplierGame: $7.1 Million

Markiplier is yet another gamer to make it on our list of incredibly successful creators. His channel doesn’t focus on a specific game, but does inject his personality in a way that makes him stand out above similar creators.

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