How Much Do YouTubers Make? What These 22 Creators ACTUALLY Earn! (It’s Much More Than You Think)

7. The Diamond Minecart:$8.2 Million

This is the first Minecraft channel to hit the list, and it won’t be the last. Gaming has proven to be an enormously profitable part of creators’ channels; however, channels dedicated to specific games bring even more to the table for those advertisers to invest large amounts of money into an audience that’s fully engaged in that creator.

6. Smosh: $10.5 Million

The combination of a successul channel, and website have put Smosh at the top. It’s also the first channel on our list that doesn’t specialize in a specific niche. It’s part of one of the most over saturated categories, and still made it as one of the most successful channels out there.

Celebrities Who Earn $10 Million Annually: Meryl Streep, Jon Hamm

5. Blucollection: $12.7 Million

We’ve spoken about Blucollection before. The mysterious channel is much like FunToyzCollector, and focuses solely on children’s toys. The brand deals procured by this channel easily land it in a top spot.

4. Pewdiepie: $12.7 Million

Who knew that being the number one subscribed channel would actually land you 4th on the list of top earnings? Pewdiepie is a prime example that subscriber count isn’t nearly as important as average view counts. While PDP did openly admit to earning 4 million in 2013, it was before he landed commercial and TV deals which has raised not just his net worth, but overall income particularly when it comes to brand deals.

Celebrities Who Earn $12 Million Annually: Jimmy Fallon, Kaley Cuoco

3. Rooster Teeth: $13.4 Milion

We couldn’t even scratch the surface of the reach Rooster Teeth as a company has. We took to focusing on solely the channel and its income, and included the website as well. What we also found were an innumerable number of outside contracted deals that could easily fetch the company even more than the amount listed above.

Celebrities Who Earn $13 Million Annually: Amy Adams, Natalie Portman

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