How Much Do YouTubers Make? What These 22 Creators ACTUALLY Earn! (It’s Much More Than You Think)

1. FunToyzCollector: $30.4 Million

Specializing in the dissection of Disney Collectibles, FunToyzCollector has cornered a market like no other, making herself one of the most viewed channels on YouTube despite her subscriber count. Earning a higher CPM as a niche channel, and the nearly limitless number of potential brand integrations, she is easily the top in the space.

Celebrities who earn $30 Million Annually: Kanye West, Dwayne Wade, Jennifer Aniston

Brand deals are an integral part of a creators earnings. Over the past week we’ve looked over how much to charge when approached with a potential offer, how to procure a deal yourself, and even the best techniques when setting about making your videos. Don’t forget that in creating your channel that there are some great services, like Grapevine, who can help make your channel one of best out there, maybe even nabbing yourself a spot on the list above.

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