Inside Gaming’s Matt Dannevik Talks The Return of Machinima’s Hit Series

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Inside Gaming was done — so we thought. Machinima’s hit series dedicated to all things gaming had hung up the shingle, we wrote the definitive article and to compound things, the hosting crew all went over to work for Rooster Teeth, starting a competing show called Funhaus. Like, Inside Gaming was DONE. And then, recently, the remaining Inside Gaming crew released a quirky sort of video … something about digging one-time host Matt Dannevik out of the attic. And then, just like that, Inside Gaming was back!

When we heard the news, we sent Matt a bunch of questions. And then we sat down pleasantly, twiddling our thumbs and waiting for the answers. During that time, the show actually launched its first episode. We actually gave up on ever hearing back … but then, like some phoenix risen from the ashes, Matt responded. Sure the answers are succinct, like the answers of a man who doesn’t want to answer our bullshit questions, but so what? We’ve got ‘em. And now we can share them with you:

How the hell did Inside Gaming at Machinima come back into play as an option? There was such fanfare when it left and it seemed so final …

Matt: Phil approached me after the guys who are at FunHaus left. We talked about what IG should be going forward and everything seemed pretty cool, so I went for it.

Next most pressing question: we saw the vid of you in the attic … how did you really get the gig again?

When I first started at Machinima in 08 I literally replied to a craigslist job posting. So I guess that is how I really got the gig.

Is there going to be awkwardness between the Machinima crew and the Funhaus crew at Rooster Teeth? Like knife fights and shit?

No awkwardness. I love the FunHaus guys.