Insidious 3 Music Video Features YouTubers and Vine Stars

The third chilling chapter of the Insidious saga hits theaters on June 5th, but until then you can you can stave off your craving for haunted horror with this music video featuring some of YouTube’s finest. Filmmakers Michael Gallagher (”Smiley”), Jana Winternitz (”urFRENZ”), and Michael Wormser (”Smiley”) of Cinemand have teamed up with Insidious 3 studio Focus Features to create a perfectly creepy companion video for the film. As an added bonus, it’s stacked with YouTube and Vine stars.

Fans can tiptoe through the ghostly tulips with Meg Deangelis, Eric Ochoa, Brittany Furlan, and Christian DelGrosso. The video takes a classic tune and infuses it with the film’s creepy vibes. Casting a gang of new media stars gives it a next-gen feel that perfectly captures the film’s modern approach to horror.


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