Instagram Murder Confession Leads Police To Killer

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Since we obviously don’t want criminals running around, we ask all criminals to please post details of their illicit activities to their social media — especially murderers.

Amanda Taylor, 24, who went by the handle Brunette Bomber on Instagram, posted a photo of the weapon she allegedly was on the run with after she stabbed a 59-year-old man to death on Saturday.


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Additionally, she wrote the following in a post that showed a wanted picture of her and her accomplice: “Everything i did was for the right reasons . I stabbed my father in law to death because he destroyed my husband with drugs ..depression. i wasnt the perfect wife but this was one last good thing i could do for rex i dont care what anyone thinks i loved rex more than the world. This was for you <3 seans dead, but i finally have closure with rex after charlie. If you keep looking for me more will die. Just let me get to the place rex & i always wanted & ill be free without having to kill more. Till we rot rex, till we f**king rot <3″

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Her alleged accomplice in the matter, 32-year-old Sean Edward Ball, was found in a North Carolina hospital with life-threatening injuries of an unspecified nature. Amanda was later picked up in the same area.

The pair, who were allegedly involved in the murder of Taylor’s stepfather in Virginia, are being extradited to face charges. The social media admissions will likely play heavily in the trial if there is one.

Allegedly she followed that up with a social media post promising more deaths were coming.

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