iPhone vs Android Argument Becomes Double Stabbing

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Broken beer bottles got wielded like blades when a petty argument between roommates turned vicious. And to think, things got deadly over the discussion between which of their phones was better: Android or iPhone.

Tulsa, OK has doubtlessly seen its share of double stabbings, but probably none so crazy as this.

One roommate was stumbling through the parking lot of his apartment complex, bloody from multiple lacerations when the police detained him. He was able to point the officers in the direction of the roommate he allegedly admitted he’d stabbed before heading off to the hospital for treatment. His roommate joined him there later. In addition to the presumably drunken stabbings, one of them also had a beer bottle shattered over his head.

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And yet, there have been no arrests. Police aren’t really sure what to charge the two men with or even if there is going to be charges because that’s the silly/crazy world we live in. Damn, just wait until they encounter a real argument … like boxers vs briefs.

For the record: I have an Android phone … but I think iPhone is much better.

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