Justin Bieber Lip Sync Video: Justin Really Really Likes Carly Rae Jepsen, But Does It Matter?


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A Canadian pop star releases an irresistible tune. An American teen sensation makes a lip synch video and the next thing you know that song is number one in 19 countries. The first time America met Carly Rae Jepsen she was packing serious heat with the unstoppable pop hit “Call Me Maybe” in her musical arsenal. The song became a megahit and the song of the summer/fall/winter/spring before finally fading from near constant rotation.

Many people now forget that it wasn’t enough for the Canadian songstress to simply lob this earwormy grenade over the border. To really blow up she needed a viral assist from a lip sync video featuring Justin Bieber and famous pals like Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale jamming along to the song. Now Carly Rae is back with a new album, and a kicky new single, and lo-and-behold a new lip synch video just appeared.

The video has almost 3 million views, but the song hasn’t gotten the same lift.

The new video has all the hallmarks of the original. Grainy amateur footage, roughly sewn together clips of Bieber and famous friends like Arianna Grande, Kendall Jenner, and Lance Bass all grooving to Carly’s new single. The song is just as much of a pop gem as “Call Me Maybe” but does this new viral attempt measure up? This is, after all, the new Justin Bieber complete with incessant shirtlessness and a number of additional tattoos. While the original video featured footage gathered at what looked like house parties, this new one involves mostly clips from dressing rooms and red carpets, making it look a little less personal and a lot less authentic.

The original video features a VERY 2012 Justin Bieber and his VERY 2012 set of friends

So far the video has garnered almost 3 million views, but the song hasn’t been so lucky. While “Call Me Maybe” shot to number one, “I Really Like You” seems to have peaked at #48 on the Billboard Hot 100. Scooter Braun “discovered” and manages both Bieber and Jepsen and this isn’t the first time Justin has been enlisted to give the Canadian chanteuse a publicity boost — he also appeared in the official video for the single. A viral video can give a song a huge life in the charts: just ask “Fancy” star Iggy Azalea, or pop star Betty Who who jumped to the top of the charts after her song “Somebody Loves You” was featured in a viral proposal video.

Rising Pop Star Betty Who got a huge boost when her song soundtracked this viral proposal video

Clearly going viral on YouTube can make or break a pop star. Has Justin Bieber lost his viral kingmaker status? Or is it just harder to believe that the new Justin, he of the multiple misdemeanors and drug arrests, is enthusiastically rocking out to a wholesome pop jam backstage? Either way the video is fun to watch, but you can see the industry machine operating in the background a lot more clearly this time around.

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