Kate McKinnon, SNL Star’s Web Series Will Make You Forget Her Bieber Impression


Between being regular cast member on Saturday Night Live, her upcoming part in Paul Feig’s all-female Ghostbusters, and her unofficial role as the only version of Justin Bieber that anyone finds sexy, Kate McKinnon has a lot going on. Still, she’s somehow managed to carve out time to take a shot at being a web star. The comedian is co-creating and starring in a Notary Publix, a web series that will be featured on comedy YouTube network Above Average as well as on IFC’s Comedy Crib, a digital hub for fresh independent comedy.

The series follows a pair of hapless notaries, Gina and Theresa Fra Diavlo, and their adventures in the world of low level bureaucracy. The mismatch between the high stakes drama of the leads and the comparatively low stakes world of public bureaucracy is fertile ground for comedy, and McKinnon and her costars milk it for all it’s worth. The first episode sees the sisters square off against a sinister rival notary played by SNL regular Aidy Bryant.

McKinnon co-created the six episode series for Above Average along with her sister Emily Lynne. Given McKinnon’s ties to SNL and the involvement of Above Average, which shares a parent company with the iconic TV sketch series, it’s no surprise that a handful of SNL writers and players turn up throughout the production. In addition to McKinnon, Emily Lynne, and Aidy Bryant, expect appearances from Paula Pell, Beck Bennett, Jay Pharoah before the first season wraps up.

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