Kin Community’s ‘Kin House Venice Beach’ and Bridal Collaboration: How Kin Made Creator’s Dreams Come True


Kin Community has stepped it up in the past few weeks, from gathering creators to a scenic getaway in Venice Beach, California, to creating the perfect wedding collaboration.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Kin Community’s Kin House Venice Beach house, and chatted with some of their top creators, from Karen Kavett to Jennifer Bates from Sea Lemon (who came in all the way from Arizona to attend). The house itself was beautiful, with gorgeous views of the ocean from its 3rd floor.


When I arrived, there was a large group of creators presenting inspirational boards for their channels. Afterwards, I sat with several creators, some who had been with Kin for just a few days and others who’d been with the company for a few years.


Across the board, all the creators had the same thing to say: Kin Community is one of the most embracing, well managed MCNs they’ve ever been with.

Karen Kavett, who had been previously signed to other MCNs, said “You know whenever I get a brand deal, I can forward it to them and have them deal with the logistics and the money behind the scenes, so that I don’t have to do all of that. That’s not kind of where my strengths are, and then I can just focus on the creative side of the brand deal.”

Melanie Ham added, “Kin Community far exceeded my expectations, my expectations were maybe a little bit lower, but I feel like they have done a lot for me, they are very easy to talk to. They put things like this [Kin House Venice Beach] on that, I think are good for the relationship between the Kin Community and the creators. I’ve been really happy with them.”

Others described how Kin not only made brand deals easier for them, but also how each creator was personally cared for and connected to their management, unlike perhaps much larger MCNs whose managers may be dealing with hundreds of creators at a time.

The Kin Community House in Venice Beach opened the doors for creators to connect as well.



Gemma Stafford remarked, “Kin is really good at utilizing people and their niche and getting them to collaborate together. I think one of the best ways to collaborate, or at least an authentic way, is to actually know the person and you’re friends with the person, and this is a very good way to do that, getting people to talk face to face.”

One of the most amazing things to come from the week-long event at the house was its revolutionary live bridal shower for creator Alexandrea Garza, which spanned over six channels (including Kin’s own community channel) combining their craft skills to create the perfect wedding shower for the bride-to-be.

Kristen McDonnell from Studio Knit, Gemma Stafford, Melanie Ham, Robert Mahar, and Lainey from Simple Bakings each created their own craft videos, showing the amazing collaborative efforts of both the company and the creators, all of which was embodied in Kin House Venice Beach.

In the end, the experience was refreshing and positive. For creators looking to hook into an MCN who takes personal pride and care in who they’re managing, you can’t really go wrong with Kin Community.