Kit Williamson Engaged To John Halbach: “EastSiders” Stars Tying The Knot!

kit john

Sincere congratulations to Kit Williamson and John Halbach, longtime boyfriends and co-stars of the award-winning LGBT web series “EastSiders”, who officially announced their engagement this week.

The news has been floating around the actors’ Twitter and Instagram accounts for a while, but E! Online, People Magazine and other publications are now featuring the couple thanks to Kit’s role as Ed Gifford on “Mad Men,” approaching the end of its final season.

Their engagement takes on even more significance this week as the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in a historic case about whether same-sex marriage should be permitted nationwide.

“We’ve been together for more than eight years,” the couple said in a statement. “We kind of resisted marriage at first because we were already committed to one another, but all the progress that’s happened over the last few years, and the likelihood of a favorable Supreme Court ruling in June, has made us really think about what marriage means to us and our relationship. To deny our right to get married is to deny our relationship’s validity.”

So far they haven’t announced a date, but we wish them the very best and hope that their wedding plans will be thoroughly documented on Instagram.

You can catch Kit Williamson and John Halbach in the second season of “EastSiders” later this year. Check out our preview of the series here.


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