L.A. Beer, First YouTube Sitcom With A Live Audience, Wants To Get You Drunk … With Laughter!

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You know that frustration you have where Game of Thrones ends and you have to wait an entire year to watch again? It’s a sort of void within you, a pit of despair and emptiness. Well, that’s how I feel about having to wait until May 11 to watch L.A. Beer.

A new series on YouTube, L.A. Beer is the sort of workplace ensemble comedy that you might see on television — brought to life on the internet, complete with a live studio audience. Yup, L.A. Beer is going to be the first web sitcom filmed in front of an audience.

“It was incredible to tape L.A. BEER in front of a live studio audience and be able to hear the audience respond to the jokes,” said Executive Producer Jessica Kivnik. “If there wasn’t a laugh, writers could pitch alternate lines and actors could try different deliveries until something landed and we knew for sure it was funny.”

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The show, which focuses on the “Silver Screen Brewery,” a micro-brewery in a competitive landscape, introduces us to Sally, who “works overtime to get her co-workers approval, especially the cute, charismatic founder, David.”

Actual Hollywood is bringing us this web series, as the Executive Producer Sam Miller is currently a staff writer on the CBS show, MOM. As he tells it, he was looking to create a studio quality show. “I was a writers’ assistant who just wanted to experience the collaboration and creative energy that only comes from being a writer in a writers’ room. Fortunately, I found an amazing group of dedicated people who believed our combined industry contacts and resources could produce a show that was just as good as something on television. Making web series history and getting free beer was just a bonus.”

The series will debut its first five episodes on May 11 during American Craft Beer Week, so for all you quaffers of suds, be sure to put down your glasses long enough to tune in.

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