Matthew Santoro Food Facts: YouTuber Will Launch New Series With Quest Nutrition


Matthew Santoro is YouTube’s undisputed king of mind-blowing facts. In just a few short years he’s racked up more than 3.75 million subscribers with his epic top ten lists. Matt is a master of collecting and ranking brain-warping tidbits for his fans. Now he’s bringing his fact-ranking skills to the world of food through a team-up with Quest Nutrition.


Matthew Santoro will host a brand new show in parternship with Quest Nutrition. He will deliver 10 facts in five minutes, a format that he knows well and which his fans are sure to be familiar with. The only wrinkle is that these fun facts will deal with food and nutrition. Santoro will travel the world (via green screen like a good YouTuber) while delivering little known and mind blowing tidbits.   We’re told the first season will include some wild facts, like why roosters actually twerk to attract females and the crazy nutritional reason why Angelina and Brad’s kids are snacking on crickets!

Santoro is a documented Quest addict so this team-up is a long time coming


The new show’s first season is set to run for eight episodes starting in May. We can’t wait to see what Matthew Santoro is cooking up.

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