MaxNoSleeves Age-Old Question Answered: Where Did The Sleeves Go?


For years YouTuber Max Weiz, better known as MaxNoSleeves, has been dogged by one persisted question. “Where did the sleeves go?” Weiz’s infamous sleeveless lifestyle has become the stuff of YouTube legend. It’s an unanswered question that has led many to wild speculation. Over the years, several popular theories have emerged, each more wild than the last, to explain Max’s devout sleevelessness.

Some claim he belongs to an obscure religious sect that abstains from the wearing of arm covering garments. Other YouTube insiders believe that at a young age Max witnessed the murder of his parents Thomas and Martha at the hands of a pair of criminal sleeves. Since that time he devoted his life to achieving peak physical and mental form in order to take revenge and clean up the criminal element of the Gotham City Garment district. One even more popular theory holds that Max is the sole survivor of an alien race, rocketed to earth as a baby. On Earth he gains incredible powers to fight for justice, but only when his arms are exposed to direct sunlight.


In a recent interview the YouTube megastar finally opened up to NMR about his life, his goals, and most importantly, his tumultuous relationship with sleeves.

New Media Rockstars: So tell me, it’s the question on everyone’s mind: just where do your sleeves go, Max?

MaxNoSleeves: Well I’ll tell you. It’s no big secret, just something I prefer to keep private. I donate all of my sleeves to Sleeves of Love. It’s a charity that provides cloth arm covering tubes to children in need. Sleevelessness is a growing crisis in the developing world and it’s one that we’re trying to fight.

NMR: How do you respond to critics who claim that your constant sleevelessness is costing America jobs in the garment industry by putting professional sleeve makers out of work, and many have been reduced to sewing on the streets?

MNS: Nothing could be further from the truth! As a matter of fact I’m launching a crowd funding project today. Our goal is to raise enough money to retrain many of those displaced garment works for new jobs in our high tech economy. Within a few months we hope to have most of them back on their feet and working as unpaid social media interns, Photoshop gurus, and guys who can help their mom do that one thing in Excel that she can never remember how to do.”


So there it is. An age old question finally laid to rest. MaxNoSleeves isn’t a cult member, an alien vigilante, or a secret reptilian spy with a severe cotton allergy. He’s just man trying to make the world a better place.

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