Michelle Obama, Lil’ Bub (The Second Cutest Cat Online) Team Up To Lose Weight

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.06.21 AM

Lil’ Bub had the incredible misfortune to be born at a time when Grumpy Cat ruled the internet. Of course, Lil’ Bub had the incredible fortune to be born at a time when a cat with osteoporosis could become a YouTube star.

And because of that star power, Lil’ Bub has some powerful friends. Appearing on the Lil’ Bub show, Michelle Obama (or FLOTUS as Lil’ Bub calls her), pitched her “Gimme 5” campaign which asks people (and cats!) to submit five ideas to help make children healthier and reduce obesity.

Of course, Lil’ Bub, always the helper, gives her six ideas. Wait ‘til the fat cats in Washington hear about that.

Michelle Obama, much like her husband, has fully embraced the digital medium, and has had several interactions with influential YouTubers like Michelle Phan, as well as become a star in her own right on Vine.

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