MyIdol App Is The Internet’s Creepy But Fun New Favorite


There’s nothing the internet loves more than a new toy, and thanks to a free Chinese app called MyIdol, we all have one. The app allows users to convert a simple selfie into an eerily lifelike avatar. You may already have seen them on your Twitter or Instagram timeline singing a pitch Chinese aria or dancing on a poll. The avatars can be dressed, styled, and dropped into a variety of scenarios from riding a motor cycle to performing “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen right in the middle of Elsa’s ice palace. They’re a lot of fun and also a more than a little bit creepy.

The app is available only in Chinese but that hasn’t stopped users around the world from puzzling out most of its functions. In fact, the slightly random nature of the tool is half the fun. You never know if you’ll accidentally turn your hair purple or suddenly find yourself dressed in a French maid’s outfit singing Cantonese opera.  


Users aren’t limited to using their own images either. The app pulls directly from your phone’s camera roll meaning you can create avatars of anyone you want. If you’ve already seen Barack Obama poll dancing or Shrek belting out “Let It Go” then you can blame MyIdol. Around the NMR office, we’ve been toying with making avatars of some of our favorite YouTubers.


A few of these border on too-real for comfort, but we kind of like them anyway. Expect the internet to be flooded with MyIdol versions of your friends and everyone who’s famous over the next couple of weeks. This trend is just about to blow up, but if you hit up the app store now you’ll still have time to achieve trendsetter status. Be sure to tweet your best YouTube MyIdols to @NewRockstars.

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