New Emojis For iPhone! Check Out The Diverse New Emoji In The Latest iOS Update

Mark your calendars — today might be the day that written language officially died. iOS 8.3 is here and with it comes a long awaited new set of emojis, meaning that we’re one step closer to officially replacing words with strings of tiny pictograms once and for all.


Today’s iOS update actually contains a long list of fixes and updates meant to kill bugs like frequent disconnection from wifi networks, randomly chainging screen orientation, and a host of other small to medium problems that have been driving iPhone users crazy. However, the only thing on anyone’s mind is updating their emoji keyboards, and it’s easy to see why. Despite the incredible popularity of emoji, texting enthusiasts have had to make due with the same array for over three years.


In addition to giving users more symbols to play with, the latest update to the emoji keyboard actually solves a serious diversity problem. Reflecting their widespread use by people of all races and backgrounds around the world, the new emoji keyboard will better reflect diversity by adding a variety of skin tones to what were previously some predictably white human symbols. Designers have also added over a dozen new national flags to the package, along with dozens of new symbols reflecting modern gadgets, global foods, and social occasions. However, despite a massive overhaul aimed at creating a more perfect emoji union, there is still one fatal flaw. There is STILL no taco emoji.

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